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Minecraft Builds

Minecraft: Education Edition helps prepare students for the future workplace, building skills like collaboration, communication, critical thinking and systems thinking. The open learning environment gives students the freedom to experiment, encouraging creative self-expression and problem solving.

1.      Space Ship Build:

Learn more about the vast technology of spaceships past, present and future, and create your own space-faring craft to embark upon a mission to space.  Microsoft has prepared a world, complete with launching platform and rigging.  Check it out!

2.      Build a Campsite:

Time to go camping!  What would the ideal campsite look like?  Hammocks, luxury tents, electrical hook-ups, large-screen tvs – wait! Will electronics be allowed in your camp?  (We’re roughing it!)  Well, you can decide what to include, and decide whether there will be laptops or not.  Check out the world that has been prepared for this build:


3.      Pixel Portraits:

Pixel art goes all the way back to the 1970s, and is making a comeback in video games, illustration, coloring books, even makeup. Pictures are constructed from pixels, like a digital mosaic. Using blocks in Minecraft, players can create images or characters too. Click on the world that has been prepared for you to construct your own selfie!


4.      Create an Animal:

Create an animal – real or imagined- that will exist in a world of your creation.  Think about what ecosystem resources your animal will need.  Grassland?  Or mountain ravine?  Desert ecosystem?  Include food and water and other needs for your awesome animal creation!


5.      Architectural Build Challenge:

Choose an architectural era or style, and research examples and create your own buildings in Minecraft using similar elements.  This webpage has a very complete list of styles to choose from:

Another use of this challenge is to choose a famous building and try to re-create it in Minecraft.  Be sure to include NPCs or reader boards that teach us what you have learned about the building.

When finished with all five projects, use the camera tool to take a picture of your builds and place them in a slide show (powerpoint or sway) and be ready to share them when you return to school in September!

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