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Frequently Asked Questions - Insurance


What if the laptop is stolen?

A stolen laptop needs to be reported ASAP to IT.  For insurance coverage, a police report must be filed and a copy provided to the school within five days.  The student will be able to check out a loaner device until the loss issue is resolved and a permanent replacement device provided.  To prevent loss, please work with your student to ensure good laptop security at all times.

I lost my laptop, power cord, pen, or protective sleeve.  Does insurance cover lost equipment?

No.  Loss of district equipment is not covered under insurance.  At checkout, a student receives four components: a laptop, power cord, pen, and case.  If a student loses one of these items, they can receive a replacement after IT staff completes a Loss of Property form and the student pays the assigned fee.

I paid the insurance fee but did not file a claim.  Do I get my money back?

No.  Like your auto insurance, you are paying for coverage.  Coverage is for one year, September through August. 

Is insurance required?

No.  Device insurance is optional.  It is intended to help protect families from accidental damage.  Should families opt out of insurance, they are liable for the replacement cost of all components checked out to students should accidental damage occur.

Is financial assistance available?

Yes.  Please contact your student's counselor if you need financial assistance in covering the cost of insurance.

I don’t want my family to be responsible for the laptop.

If no parent or guardian signs the agreement, a student will still get access to a computer when he or she is at school. To facilitate this, the student will need to report to a designated area (office, library, etc.) both before and after school to check-in and out their laptop.  If the student intentionally damages the computer, families shall be liable for the damage, the same as with any piece of school-owned equipment.


Need additional information?

Additional questions can be submitted to Christopher Collins, Director of Information Technology.  

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