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According to the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), writing fan fiction pushes students to think more deeply about a book or story they have read as they consider character dynamics and motives, plot techniques, and the role of setting and mood. It provides scaffolded support for engaging in the creative process by providing students with established characters and settings as the basis for their own fictional work. Finally, writing fan fiction is a highly motivating experience, even for the most reluctant writers, as students sharpen their literacy skills by modeling their work after a piece they admire and enjoy.

Summer Writing Options:

1.  The Fan Fiction Challenge

2.  How to Write Fan Fiction

3.  Writing Fan Fiction

Once you finish your fan fiction story, create a 90 second flipgrid video giving a preview of your story.  We will share these flipgrid videos and your complete stories when we return to school in September!

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