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Today it's fun and easy to become a coder.  Many tools are now available that help anyone -- from true beginners, to seasoned programmers -- get better with practice.  The recommended tools below teach Java, but you will find other tools that just get you started thinking like a coder, using what we call "Computational Thinking."

Many of these tools start out with block-based coding, but lead you to the writing of actual script -- just like real programmers!


Choose one resource below and become skilled in that format, or jump around these different choices and see which one appeals to you.

Visit this site for links to the tutorials and project ideas:

Solve Puzzles using Programming!

LightBot is a puzzle game based on coding; it secretly teaches you programming logic as you play!

   (This coding game works on your smartphone and is purchased through your phone's app store for around$3.00.)

Visit this site for download instructions:


Magic Pen 2

This is a free "game" from Cool Math Games that can teach you Computational Thinking.  

Visit this site to get started:


What is Computational Thinking?   It uses special thinking patterns and processes to pose and solve problems or prepare programs for computation.  That sounds pretty complicated, but simply put, it means we can learn to think in steps like programmers, even when we are not in front of a computer!

magic pen.JPG

This is another free game that helps build Computational Thinking, but it's so fun you won't even realize you are building those skills.  If you have an interest in music, you will find this even more engaging.

Visit this site to get started:

Simply move the directional arrows around the space to fill all the audio containers.  The more you fill, the more magical the audio!  Another exciting feature of this game, is that there is always more than one answer.

Show your Work: 
As you move through some of these web-based games and want to show your solutions, remember to take a Snip (screen shot tool) of each level and save these images in a PowerPoint or Sway.
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