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3D Builder

3D Builder:  Microsoft 3D Builder is a free program already installed on our students’ district-provided laptops.  It can also be installed on other Windows 10 devices.  Using 3D geometric shapes, students can stack and contour shapes into some very impressive finished products.  The following Summer builds would develop our students’ engineering and design skills.

Thomas and Friends Build

  • Grow your 3D modeling skills by searching online for any engine from Thomas and Friends. 

  • Proceed to build it using 3D Builder.  Try to make your design follow the design of the train you chose as closely as possible.

The TARDIS from Dr. Who 

  • Create the famous Tardis from Dr. Who.  See how well you do in 3D Builder with the letters (use the emboss tool) and with adding contours. 

  • Your finished work will be scored based on how closely it resembles the one in the famous television series. 


Light House Build 

  • Find a lighthouse online.  Yours must have an accompanying caretaker's house.  Sketch it on paper first, perhaps, and then proceed to build it using 3D Builder.   

  • Be sure to take extra care around the top of the lighthouse, as that is where there is more detail.  

  • Your design can depart from the original only if your addition is just as complex, if not more complex. 

  • Recommendation: leave out the glass! 


Starship Build 

  • Search online for an image or model of the Starship Enterprise or a Klingon Bird of Prey and try to make a close replica of these famous ships.   

  • Include as many features of the ship as possible, including the lettering and contouring. 

  • If you would rather build a different movie starship, you can choose another of equal or greater challenge. 


Free Choice Project

  • Amaze us with your mad 3D Builder skills by creating something that exists or should exist


At summer’s end students can save each build as a picture (jpeg) file and put them in a Sway or Powerpoint slide show to be shared when they return to school.

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